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duvet & pillows

Different shapes & materials, different thicknesses you'll find a range of products providing optimal hygiene conditions & maintenance.

Dynamic signage

dynamic signage

Enhance your customer expericence, discover our supplier's turnkey solutions, compatible with the PMS and content customizable by brands.

Electrical supply

electrical supply

Every hospitality business needs good electrical supplies (light tub, neon, power cord…) to make sure your guests are welcome in the best conditions.



Browse through our electricity supplier’s offers and make sure to keep an eye out for our renewable energy programs.

Energy Management

energy management

We can identify and evaluate your property’s specifications and help you reach your savings & green energy goals.



Depending on the kind of works you are planning our teams can put you in touch with an engineering office who’ll respond to your specific needs.



Our hospitality textiles providers are selected to carry the finishing touch to your interior or exterior design and to withstand intensive use.

Fire protection

fire protection

Because fire protection is important, we help you find companies which will train you staff and send professionals on site for functional testing.

Fish, shellfish fresh & preserved

fish, shellfish fresh & preserved

We control that our suppliers follow fishing best practices such as banning endangered fish species and favor sustainable fisheries.

Fitness Equipment

fitness & swimming pool equipments

Get a very wide range fitness & swimming pool equipment from the most basic to the most advanced, but also accessories.



From hardwood to laminate, tiles, stones and carpeting, we have referenced some of the most reliable suppliers for all your flooring equipment.

Food distributors

food distributors

Vending machines are easy to operate, don’t require a lot of maintenance & can combine a section for dry snacks as well as a refrigerated beverages.