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Computers & servers

computers and servers

We work with all biggest IT brands to satisfy your every request and help you choose the right computer server for your business.

Condiments & sauces

condiments & sauces

Discover our supplier’s selection of condiments, pre-made sauces, stocks and sauce bases to support your dishes preparation.

Cosmetic Amenities


Available from anywhere in the world & customizable, cosmetics benefit from negotiated prices & comply with all legal & environmental certifications.


Cosmetic Spa

cosmetics for spa 

Clay, scrubs, essential oils, branded or personalized treatments... The cosmetics selected by our teams guarantee the well-being of your customers.

Dairy, eggs & cheese

dairy, eggs & cheese

From whole milk, butter to cheeses and eggs, we ensure a fair supply chain for all our suppliers.

dairy, eggs & cheese



Our interior decorating team is in touch with local painters, photographers & artists to help you find the perfect way to tie your interior.

Digital press

digital press

Customizable according to your audience and standing, we are able to negociate the adapted press offer.

Dry cleaning for soft bedding & uniforms

dry cleaning for soft bedding & uniforms

dry cleaning for soft bedding & uniforms

duvet & pillows

Different shapes & materials, different thicknesses you'll find a range of products providing optimal hygiene conditions & maintenance.